REFORESTATION of the Atlantic Forest, FASHION and the ARTS
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Atlantic Forest - Reforestation in Brazil

Santo Adolfo is a small rural property 168 kilometres from Rio de Janeiro in the Municipality of Valença.

Our Agro-Reforestation project started in 2019 in partnership with Emater - the official environmental agency for the State of Rio>

The marsh area was drained and cleared prior to planting 300 Musa SP 'Banana Prata' sourced by Embrapa for Emater.

The Guarani Índians from Angra dos Reis grew 500 Palmito Jussara for us. They were planted in shaded areas and along the borders of the 5 Brooks in the farm.

Conexão Mata Atlantica, another key partner, donated an extensive selection of native trees from the Atlantic Forest to our project .These included hard wood trees , endangered species , flowering and fruit trees.

Our reforestation efforts are already bearing fruit not only the Musa SP 'Banana Prata' in the Bananeiral, but in the return of wild life. The Toucans and Jacus are back!

Come and stay, share and support our reforestation project.

Cristina Carneiro de Mendonça
Project Director