Atlantic Forest - Reforestation in Brazil - Atlantic Forest - Serra da Beleza.

Agro-Reforestation Project in partnership with EMATER- RIO - official environmental agency for the state of Rio de Janeiro

Building Restoration
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Next Phase of our Project

Restoration of two outbuildings, a farm cottage and the creation of a Botanical Nursery.


Farm shop for the sale of our produce, as well as, organic vegetables, free range eggs, poultry, jams and compotes from a number of local rural community growers.

We will sell and showcase the work of talented artisans and designers from our region.

The proceeds of all sales will be reinvested in the project.

The Corral

Support location for the tropical orchard, the vegetable garden and educational reforestation visits.

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The farm cottage.
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From the side.
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Corral overlooking the source of the three natural water springs.
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Corral - adjacent to the vegetable garden and the Agro - Reforestation Orchard.
Estimates for the restoration costs of two outbuildings and farm cottage can be found here

Updated December 2021