Tropical rewilding in Brazil - Atlantic Forest - Serra da Beleza.

Agro-Reforestation Project in partnership with EMATER- RIO - official environmental agency for the state of Rio de Janeiro

Building Restoration
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Fund Raising for corral -Area 3 by the POMAR AGROFLORESTAL ( Tropical Orchard ) & manioc plantation

Chicken House - Area 2 near the BANANEIRAL - Bananas ( Musa )

End use

Chicken House

The chicken House is adjacent to the marsh Area 2 - the BANANEIRAL- where 100 silver bananas have already been planted. Draining ditches were dug in order to avoid flooding in the rainy season

. Storage and packing space for the silver banas en route to market
. Storage packing for : taioba, pumpkin ( abóbora moranga ) , manioc which will have a harvest alongside and prior to the silver bananas
. Workshop area for handicraft master classes set up by EMATER using the bambu we have at the farm.
. Teaching of new skills
. Create new jobs for the rural community . Farm shop for the sale of jam compotes , preserves made from the tropical fruits in our orchard


. Headquarters for the maintenance of the Orchard area it’s produce and manioc plantation
. Show case of traditional rural husbandry now the the cattle has departed
Old beams old roof terracotta tiles ( telha francesa ) large flagstone floor area in and out
. Picturesque area for visitors as it is by the vegetable garden , behind the Palmito
Jussara plantation and the 3 natural water springs that cascade down a sheer rock front
. Near the forest corridor for the movement of wild animals we have been nurturing for a long period.
. School visits will start here - engage young people - ornithologist - researches - local visitors
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Much work necessary.
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A building with potential.
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The rear of the chicken house - with chicks.
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The corral is adjacent to the vegetable garden down stream from the three natural water springs. Above it is the Pomar Agro-Florestal planted with citrus native fruit trees manioc, maize and pumpkins varieties.
Restoration Costs
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Chicken House

Materials Reais 3848.15
Labour Reais 1.800
Grand Total
Reais 5 648.15
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Materials Reais 3078
Labour Reais 1.500
Grand Total
Reais 4 578.30
Restoration Funding

Ephemeral Brazil is registered for Gift Aid and a donation page is currently being created.

We will be looking to secure additional funding for this exciting addition to our reforestation endeavours.

We aim to create a Botanical Nursery at Santo Adolfo.
Updated March 2021