Reforestation of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil - Serra da Beleza

Agro-Restoration Project in partnership with Emater - Rio - official environmental agency for the state of Rio de Janeiro

Palmito Jussara - The Wolf of the Atlantic Forest
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Welcome to Santo Adolfo and our Agro Restoration Project in partnership with Emater - Rio.
Heart of Palms - Palmito Jussara " Euterpe edulis "

The planting of Palmito Jussara (Euterpe edulis) was the first forest restorationproject at Santo Adolfo in collaboration with Piaui from Emater - Rio.

Referred to as " The Wolf of the Atlantic Forest " this beautiful and elegant palm tree is a native of the Atlantic forest . It is related to the Açai palm which we planted amidst the Banana Prata , Musa SP in the Bananeiral. It is illegal to cut the wild Jussara, sadly there is a large scale clandestine trade as the " Palmito " is a national and international delicacy and highly profitable.

We planted 750 saplings of " Palmito " on the borders of the 3 Brooks and the area behind the natural water pool towards the corral.

This was the first forest restorationproject at Santo Adolfo and a great success.

Palmito Jussara from the Índios Guarani in Angra Dos Reis

The ancient skills of the indigenous people came into play - the Guarani tribe from Angra dos Reis grew the 750 saplings of Palmito Jussara for our Agro Restoration Project.

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Delivery of 500 palmito Jussara saplings grown for us through Emater - Rio by the Guarani Indians in Angra dos Reis.
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Alair the farm manager.

The planting of Palmito Jussara, The Wolf of the Atlantic Forest was a brilliant kick start for our forest restorationproject.

Video of Piaui from Emater - Rio with Paulo, Indio Guarani, Indian mother and child watching the loading of the Palmitos.
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Thriving Palmito Jussara in a semi shade glade.
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Palmitos amidst Busy Lizzie, ferns, tropical foliage.
Updated February 2021