Ephemeral Brazil

helps vunerable communities in Brazil

by ecouraging,

art and enterprise

, designing fashionable goods made from

re-cycled waste materials

, such as: A

charity operating out of the UK

Ephemeral Brazil supports vunerable and displaced individuals in Brazil . For more information, contact Cristina Carneiro de Mendonca.on on +44 (0)7973 620 558 .
Ephemeral Brazil Charity

Ephemeral Brazil Artisans
Our Work

Passion and Design

Inspired by the passion, resourcefulness and eye for design of the female artisan rubbish collectors of the favelas (slums) of Rio De Janeiro - Ephemeral Brazil has landed on these shores to pave the way in the art of making something magical from nothing. Ephemeral Brazil is the love child of Millinery designer Cristina Carneiro de Mendonca.

Following a trip to the land of her Ancestors, her artist's soul sang when she happened upon the work of these incredibly determined women.

Using, materials collected from rubbish tips interwoven with waste and scrap textiles provided by local factories, the women employ a host of skills both new and ancient.

The end result is something so special that the Ephemeral Brazil range of handbags and accessories are set to take these shores by storm.

Artisan Craftmanship

These products are not just another range of contemporary designer fare - they are pieces of art crafted from start to finish by the hands of one artisan living thousand of miles away in a place that many of us could not even imagine. These pieces exist only because of the strength of spirit, grim determination, passion and creativity of a group of unbelievable women.

Now with the belief of one woman on this side of the world - these ephemeral pieces of art will live to inspire us all and continue to provide long term enterprise for many residents of these vulnerable communities.

Ephmeral Brazil Charity

Ephmeral Brazil Charity

Projeto Generosidade 2009

Ephemeral Brazil works with the Children at Risk Foundation (www.carf-uk.org) and with ACER Brazil (www.acerbrasil.org.br).